Monday, 27 September 2010

European Child Safety Alliance celebrates success of CSAP as Final Report is launched at ISCAIP

Collective participation in national action planning on child safety leads to significant progress in addressing injury.

A final report of the Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) initiative launched at ISCAIP highlights the advances the 26 European countries participating have made in their national actions to prevent childhood injuries and the impact the project has had since its inception six years ago.

This initiative supports countries to assess their performance on child safety, develop plans of action to address gaps identified and develop capacity to implement these action plans. To date the European Region is the only WHO region where countries are working together on joint action plans to address the issue of child injuries. The development of child safety action plans is one of the recommendations of the WHO World and European Reports on Child Injury Prevention.

Results summarised in the final Child Safety Action Plan highlight:

• 29 countries with a child safety action plan in development or being implemented where none previously existed prior to this joint project work
• standardised indicator based, baseline child safety report cards and profiles and a European summary for 24 countries (will be 27 countries later this fall) and the model being explored by regions beyond Europe
• published good practice guide summarising more than 50 effective measures to reduce childhood injuries is now being used in more than 30 countries to enhance effective child safety planning
• agreement by the majority of the project partners in 29 countries that the European level initiative has had significant added value in fostering increased progress over stand alone attempts in their countries.

To view the final report visit, or click below:
Final report: Action Planning for Child Safety - 2010 Update

To view the full press release and journalist's notes, click below:
Press release

To view statements from country partner participants on the impact of the project, click below:
Statements from country partners participating in CSAP

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